You can view the list of flagged websites by the Web Filter policies in the Web Filter> Flagged Activities page(refer snap1 attached). CSV download option is also available for the Flagged Activities list.

For the Flagged Web Activities, the following info are displayed.

1. Site Name : this shows the domain of the site which was flagged. This domain will be present in the blacklisted category of your Web Filter policy. If a website was flagged for a keyword match, the keyword would be blacklisted in your Web Filter policy.
2. Category : this shows the category to which the flagged domain belonged to. If the flagged page was for a keyword, it is mentioned here.
3. Violation Details : this shows the details of the site search and the reason for the flagging by the Web Filter. The text is a hyperlink, which when clicked on will re-direct you to the URL which was flagged to the user.
4. Violation Date : this shows the date-time of the flagging of the site for the user
5. Owner : this displays the user who tried to access the site for whom it was flagged by the Web Filter.

In the top, you also have a filter option to filter the Flagged Activities according to the following criteria,

1. Site Name : filter the flagged activities according to a particular site domain
2. Owner : filter the flagged activities of a particular owner
3. Cloud Apps : filter the flagged activities for a particular domain present in your Syscloud account
4. Violation Date : filter the flagged activities for a particular date
5. Policy Name: filter the flagged activities of a particular Web Filter policy