If you want to remove a particular user's archive from your Syscloud backup, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to Backup> Settings> Manage Users page.

2. In the Users tab, all the users synced from the domain will be listed. This list contains both the protected(archived) and unprotected users. Here, search for the user whom you want to delete in the search bar provided in the page.

3. Once you search for the user, the user will be listed. If the user is archived, the option list will be available for him. 

4. You have to click on the delete optionto remove the user from your backup archive. Once you click on the delete option, you will get a pop-up confirmation box. Click Yes to confirm deletion of the user from your backup archive. Click No to cancel the deletion action.

Note: If you want to delete large no. of users from your Syscloud backup archive, please send the user list to helpdesk@syscloud.com with the necessary details. We'll process the bulk deletion from the backend.