By default, the backup schedule runs once a day for all the archived users. If you want to force an on-demand backup for a particular archived user, you can follow the following steps.

1. Go to Backup> Settings> Manage Users page.

2. Search for the user in the search bar provided.

3. When the archived user is listed, you will see the following actions listed on the right.

User Profile: You can click on this option to view the Archived User profile(refer snap1 attached).

User Backup Settings: You can click on this to view the User-level Backup settings of this user. Refer this link for further info.

User Deletion: This option is used to delete the archived user from the backup account. If you click on this, and confirm deletion, the user's backup data will be permanently deleted.

User Backup On-Demand: This option is to initiate on-demand backup for the archived user. If you click on it, a pop-up box will appear with all the services listed which are being backed up for the user. You can select the service you want the backup to be initiated for and click on 'Backup Now' button.

Once the on-demand backup is initiated, the backup request will be queued, and the checkbox for that particular service will be disabled. Once the on-demand backup is processed, the checkbox will be enabled.